How To Rock A Boho Chic Style?

How To Rock A Boho Chic Style

Styling is an art and art should not be limited but instead, be explored. Bohemian Chic Style is a rather new style. It is a style of freedom. People who try out this style are daring and open to new and exciting things. It is mainly influenced by the Hippie fashion. As it is on the top in today’s trend list, there are tons of clothing and jewelry items available in Boho style.

Here we will be telling you how to rock the perfect Boho Chic Style.

Maxi Dress With Cute Prints

Printed long Maxi looks very stylish. It gives a natural vibe with its beautiful prints that can be worn on a summer picnic or a party. It is very versatile in its use. The geometric prints on an airy fabric make it perfect and very comfortable to use during summer.

Long Skirt

A long simple skirt present in your wardrobe is a real lifesaver. You can pair it with so many designs. It is paired with other clothing items to give the perfect look. It can be worn with a vest, a v-neck t-shirt, or a chambray top. This is a must-have item for you.

Lavish Jewelry

This style is not completed without some jewelry. While picking out the jewelry, you can be as creative as you want. You need to get the most unique jewelry and for that go to the local market. You can try out big looping earrings or the long feathers or maybe with some large tassels. It gives an earthly feeling and that is what Boho Chic is all about.

Go For The Soft Material

When trying out this style, always pick soft and airy material. You can try out chiffon. It is delicate and soft. Lace wear can also be tried. It looks very beautiful and can be styled in the form of a shirt or skirt. The fabrics can also be styled in a number of other ways.

Different Styles Of Footwear

Footwear is an important item and in this style, you can opt for footwear that is comfortable. You don’t need to wear long heels with very bright colors. The footwear you need to wear should be flat like sandals and cowboy boots. They can be paired with your outfit and will look unique and different.

How To Style In Winter

Spend the chilly days of winter in style. To rock a Bohemian style, you can wear an over-sized and lacy sweater and cardigans. You can even layer it. It looks stylish and plus keeps you warm. And don’t forget to accessorize it with a scarf, thigh high socks and a nice pair of boots to complete the look.

Astrid Schumacher is a former model and a lover for fashion. She has built up a website where you can get all the items related to Boho Chic. It is a beautiful combination of urban and rural style. The dress and other accessories are inspired by other cultures of countries like India and Thailand. All jewelry collections are colorful, vibrant, and unique.