Boho Style Jewelry To Boost Your Look

Boho jewelry is very cool and stylish. The design is very amazing and it gives a feeling of freedom and individuality. The Jewelry includes beautiful necklaces, crowns, headbands, and anything that has feathers or tussles. The feathers symbolize the freedom of choice when you go for this style. You are as free as a bird. You can also wear jewelry that has gemstones in it.

Here are some of the famous jewelry styles that surely make you look stylish. You can also wear it on a wedding function and have amazing Boho moments.

1. Delicate Necklaces

You can wear a delicate necklace with many layers and makeup of colorful beads. It looks perfect in the summer with the white color dress. The necklace can have precious gems or pendants attached to it. It is worn with a lace dress.

2. Chokers

Chokers are a very interesting jewelry item. It is mainly inspired by gypsy style. It can be worn with a long floral dress. You can increase its beauty by wearing long earrings with it or boots that are of neutral colors. The resultant look is sexy, modern and beautiful.

3. Feather Earrings

As mentioned earlier, feathers are an important part of the Bohemian style. You can rock a colorful pair of earrings with any type of dress. You can wear these earrings to a wedding, party, or any casual meeting.

4. Rings

No Boho style is completed without some crazy big rings. The rings don’t need to match the dress or the other jewelry items. There are many designs of rings available. All of them are unique and have their own charm. The reason why you can use many jewelry items at a time is that gypsies travel across the world and pick up whatever they find. That is how the trend of layering started.

5. Tassel Earrings

Tassel earring is an important part of Boho style. It can be styled with some different types of dresses and can be worn to any function. These are specially paired with vintage style dresses. The hanging tassels represent the specific style and are popular in many cultures across the globe.

6. Animals Pendant

Everything in this style represents specific things. Each animal has a significant meaning. It also looks super stylish and cute. You have to try this jewelry item.

7. Signature Bracelet or Anklet

Boho style is all about diversity and experiment with different styles. However, you need to have a balance in it while dressing up. For example, when you wear a colorful dress, pair it with a simple accessory. On the other hand, you can wear a colorful and stylish bracelet or anklet with beads. This will blend well with your simple dress and look beautiful.

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