History Of Pearl Necklace And Its Trend

With the rapid change in fashion trends every six months, there are some things that always remain in fashion. Such is the case with Pearl Necklace. It is classic and sophisticated and its usage can be traced back to the early 520 BCE. It was adorned by the princesses of Persia so much. In fact, a princess was laid in her grave while wearing the Pearl necklace.

How It Was First Discovered?

It is one of the oldest known gems and it was discovered when a group of people was hunting for food. They came close to the shore and found a pearl. Because of its beauty, it was soon used as a jewelry item and was worn by the royals.

Pearl As The Royal Jewelry

It was first worn by the princesses of Persia. Later on, it was exchanged as gifts between the royals of China. It grew popular in ancient Rome as well. People were so mesmerized with its beauty because in the 1st century, it was part of the law that only the royal can wear the jewelry of pearls.

Types Of Pearls

There are three types of pearls:

Natural Pearl: The natural pearl is obtained from the oyster. It is formed when a rock or a parasite gets stuck inside the oyster. In defense, the oyster layers the irritant with “nacre”. Oyster keeps on layering it until the pearl is formed.

Cultured Pearl: Secondly, the cultured pearls as the name suggest are artificially made. In this process, these are cultivated inside an oyster or similar fish and are layered for about three years or more until the pearl is made. Sometimes the pearls are taken out before the required time, this results in the formation of a thin layer of nacre. The pearls are not of good quality.

Imitation Pearl: Last come to the imitation pearls. These are not of good quality because these are not real pearls. The faked one is dipped inside a solution to make a thin layer around them. These are also widely sold.

Pearls Are Expensive

With the passage of time, pearls are becoming rare. But there demand for not decreasing at all. The real pearls are very expensive and a necklace made of original pearls is sold in the millions. Because of that, the use of imitation pearls is increasing and many industries have been developed that sell these pearls.

Trends Of Pearl Necklace

Pearls are used in different jewelry items such as rings, bracelets, and earring. But these are widely used in making necklaces. The necklaces are trending and are available in different styles. You can use a choker with multiple layers or a single layer with varying lengths. These also have a central big piece that increases its beauty. The pearl necklace looks very sophisticated and can be paired with a different style of clothing.

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