Fun And Exciting Type Of Beaded Bracelets

Making beaded bracelets and other jewelry items is a hobby practiced by many peoples. It is craftsmanship and holds much importance. You can buy these jewelry pieces online or at different nearby stores. The bracelets are colorful and have very beautiful designs. You can even make your own bracelets or other jewelry items at home. And it is not that complex. Plus for your ease, there are many tutorials available on the internet.

Here I will be telling you about different types of bracelets that you can try making at home.

1. Chainmaille Bracelets

These types of bracelets have been used for a long time. It is a traditional jewelry item and resembles the armor of a soldier. As the name suggests, it is made of chains and can make many designs and patterns. You can make a byzantine chainmaille bracelets or you can find it easily in nearby stores.

2. Bead Weaving Bracelets

You can weave in so many exciting designs. The colors and patterns are very beautiful and can bring charm to your appearance. There are so many patterns for you to try. Some are given below.

· You can make chains of daisies. The daisies are not real flowers. The beautiful flowers are made of beads and are very easy to make and look very cute.

· Next pattern is Peyote and this design can be used to make stylish bracelets.

· Tubular peyote is the same as the regular one. However, this one is made in the form of a tube and can be wrapped around different jewelry items.

· Ladder stitch bracelets are made by making weaving small beads and then joined with other beads through small hooks.

· Another design is the spiral beaded bracelet. This bracelet is in the form of a rope that is spiraled.

3. Macrame Bracelets

Macrame bracelets are perfect to wear in summer. The colors in it bring charm to your outfit. Plus if you are planning to learn how to make bracelets then start with this one. The knots and patterns are very easy to make. They don’t require any tools and are long-lasting. They can also be twisted in a spiral form. It looks best when you wear two to three of them combined.

4. Clay Bracelets

While making these bracelets, you don’t always need to use small beads or just string. While making bracelets, be a little creative. You can make clay bracelets. You can use big beads made of clay and make a unique bracelet.

5. Wrap Bracelets

It is a very trendy design. You can make different types of wrap bracelets such as:

· Dollar store wrap

· Irish linen wrap

· Dragonfly roundup

Above are some famous and trendy bracelet designs that you can make at home. You can also find these bracelets from the latest collection of Astrid Schumacher. She is a famous jewelry designer who has tons of boho and beaded jewelry items on her site. Check out these and pick up your favorite ones!