Astrid Schumacher

Astrid Schumacher is a Swiss born former model who designs unique jewelry and fashion accessories deeply inspired by travel to India and Indonesia. Astrid began her fashion career as a manager for Dieter Meier, the famous musician, conceptual artist and upscale retailer, at his En Soie stores in Zurich, Manhattan, New York and Palm Beach. Later, she worked in New York City for fashion designer Rubin Chapelle, whose designs adorn Sharon Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow. It was during this period that Astrid Schumacher saw the birth of something entirely new, a blending of Eastern and Western urban boho chic cultures. Today Yoga is a lifestyle. It honors and announces our love of the ancient beauty and wisdom of the East while still embracing our contemporary, urban roots. Astrid Schumacher's great love of the indigenous culture of India and Indonesia inspired her to create something truly vibrant and bold, beautiful contemporary Inspired Jewelry and Fashion accessories. Her designs first caught the eye of New York City boutiques and it’s famous artist street markets, then spread thru Yoga Festivals. The word has travelled quickly. Astrid Schumacher Designs can now be seen in stores and yoga studios through out the United States and Zurich Switzerland.