What Are The Mistakes Men Make In Wearing Beaded Bracelets

Beaded jewelry culture is not so new in women’s case but wearing these bracelets by men is a whole new trend.

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History & Origination of Beaded Jewelry

Some thoughts are that beaded jewelry culture started 70,000 years ago. People looked for beads that seem very fascinating and people started to collect it. Beads were preserved for their beauty and worth. It served many purposes in jewelry, clothing, and talismans. Progressively, it started to prevail men fashion industry.

Silly Mistakes Men Make while Wearing Beaded Bracelets

Beaded Bracelets is indeed the latest trend but men do a lot of silly mistakes while wearing it. We will discuss some of those mistakes here. So let’s start:

1. Poor Contrasting

Men’s collection of beaded bracelets is even more varied and colorful. This all is due to the stones from which beads are extracted. If you wear a black bracelet, it will look classy with everything. But care has to be taken while using any other color.

Two things should be kept in mind:

· The color of beads has to go with the wardrobe.

· If you are pairing it with a wristwatch, make a good contrast of it.

Men make mistake in these mentioned points mostly. So, avoid this and don’t wear loud and bright colors. Choose subtle hues to stand out in the crowd.

2. Bad Fitting

The second most evident mistake that men do is in the fitting of bracelets. Most men either choose too loose or too tight bracelets.

· If you wear too loose, it will not look graceful.

· If you wear too tight, it will give an impact that you have borrowed it.

So, be more accurate in the choice of bracelet.

3. Over Stacking

Stacking of bracelets is another trend that can be seen nowadays. But it will look very fancy and the bad colors combination is devastating. Be wiser in stacking the bracelets. If you are a newbie to beaded jewelry, it is advisable to start with one bracelet.

4. Wearing Cartoonish Lucky Charms Bracelet

The bracelet is the best thing a man can wear. Wear whatever you want to but not at the cost of your style and elegance. Many of the men like to wear lucky charm bracelets having lion, dragon, snake, Batman and other fancy creatures’ symbols. I would say that it is not bad to wear but think twice. Wearing a wild lion’s face is absolutely fine but be careful to not wear a cartoonish lion.

5. Shimmery Beaded Bracelets

Another choice is the shimmery beaded bracelets. Well, I would not suggest such shimmery bracelets at any cost. As a man should be graceful, shimmer is against the class.

Above are some of the few mistakes, men commit generally. Try to avoid these. If you want stylish bracelets or any other classy beaded jewelry then you can follow Astrid Schumacher.