How Do You Know: Should You Pick the Gold or Silver Moon & Sun Necklace?

How Do You Know: Should You Pick the Gold or Silver Moon & Sun Necklace?

We're looking at the most expressive additions to our collection today. The Moon Sun necklace are two separate necklaces that can be worn separately or together.

What do you think they'd mean to you?

For many people, the moon represents knowledge, illumination, and the natural flow of time. The sun, on the other hand, is a symbol of power, vitality, and life force.

You may use their traditional symbolism or give them a completely new meaning. Perhaps the sun becomes a prized memento of your favourite season, while the moon carries a secret wish for you. Alternatively, you may fall in love with their whimsical design and later attach a meaning - it's entirely up to you!

If you are looking for other spiritual journeys and faith-based jewellery, you may want to consider purchasing a mandala necklace in gold or a sterling silver cross necklace for women.

Alternatively, you could also opt for simplistic designs such as gold circle earrings and a gold pendant for women to wear on an everyday basis for casual use or as part of your office wear.

Who are they for, exactly?

The Moon & Sun Necklaces are both parts of a celestial set but can stand on their own. This makes them ideal for gift-giving: keep one for yourself and give the other to a friend, sibling, or significant other. Someone who balances you out, who is the yin to your yang.

How to Choose Between Gold or Silver: Which is Better For Your Skin Tone?

When it comes to jewellery, we usually have an option between silver and gold. Jewellery is an essential component of both casual and formal attire, and a wardrobe isn't complete without a few lovely pieces.

However, who wears which metal is a question many dwindle with; here's our simplistic take on the topic:

Is silver or gold jewellery more popular? This is an age-old debate. When it comes to purchasing a new necklace, however, popularity should not be a consideration. The truth is that purchasing a piece of jewellery in a metal that complements your skin tone is more crucial.

If you're unsure whether to wear silver or gold jewellery with dark skin or what looks best with light skin, we're here to help. You'll never again wear jewellery that looks dull and unappealing on your skin!

How to Determine the Undertones of Your Skin

So, what's the difference between the skin tones of silver and gold jewellery? It all depends on the undertone of the skin! The tint beneath your skin is your skin's undertone. Cool and warm undertones are the two primary forms of undertone. Your undertone, on the other hand, can be neutral. Now you can go through this guide before deciding whether to opt for a gold mandala necklace or cross in sterling silver for your women besties!

There are a few things you may perform to determine whether you have a cool or warm undertone:

  • You might start by shining a light over your wrist veins. You have a cold undertone if things appear blue or purple. You have a warm undertone if they are yellow or green. If you can't see your veins, you probably have a neutral undertone.

  • If the light test fails, wearing a white blouse or t-shirt is a quick approach to figure out your undertone. You have a cold undertone if you look washed out in white. If your skin appears tanned and healthy against the harsh white, though, you have a warm tone.

  • Take a look at the colour of your natural hair. Those with frosty blond or light brown hair usually have a cool skin undertone, whereas those with dark brown, black, or caramel blond hair have a warm undertone. Red hair goes well with a variety of skin tones, including cool, warm, and even neutral. Of course, if you colour your hair, it won't change your skin's natural undertone or what jewellery looks best on you.

  • Your skin tone can also be determined by how quickly you tan. Warm undertones are seen in those who tan easily, while cool undertones are found in persons who become pink or burn in the sun. People with cold undertones tend to have less pigment in their skin and flush more easily. You don't have a warm skin undertone if your cheeks are rosy red!

Which jewellery complements which skin tone?

When it comes to skin tone with silver vs. gold jewellery, cold undertones frequently appear better with silver, but warm undertones look great with gold. Gold jewellery can make someone with a cold undertone look incredibly pale and ill, whereas silver jewellery on someone with a warm undertone might look jarring.

If you like rose gold, you should stay away from it if you have a pinkish hue to your skin. Rose gold jewellery looks stunning on warm skin tones, but if you're prone to redness, it may accentuate it.

This is our simplistic take on just how to go about choosing the right jewellery metal for your skin tone and ensure you look dashing no matter what!