How Accessorizing Today is More Meaningful than a Decade Ago?

How Accessorizing Today is More Meaningful than a Decade Ago?

Jewelry is a form of decoration that everyone wears. Today almost everyone dons a pair of the exquisite mandala necklace in gold or just any Prehistoric jewelry consisting of shells, stone, and bones that had long been discovered. It was most likely worn as a form of protection against life's perils or as a mark of status or position from the beginning.

The discovery of how to work metals was a crucial step in the evolution of the art of jewelry in ancient times. Metalworking processes evolved over time and decorating got increasingly elaborate.

In fact, gold, a rare and valuable metal, was buried with the dead in order for its owner to be accompanied into the hereafter. Many pieces of archaeological jewelry can be found in graves and hoards. Sometimes, as with the gold collars discovered folded in half in Celtic Ireland, it indicates that people followed a routine for disposing of jewelry.

Current Age Jewellery

The boundaries of jewelry have constantly been changing since the 1960s. Conventions have been defied by successive generations of self-taught jewelers, many of whom were educated at art schools and exposed to radical ideas.

New technologies and non-precious materials, such as plastics, paper, and textiles, have flipped the status symbols that have long been associated with jewelry.

Avant-garde jewelers have experimented with the relationship of jewelry with the human body, pushing the limits of scale and wearability. Jewelry has evolved into a form of wearable art. Its link to Fine Art is still being debated.

The Shift from Mere Accessorizing to Meaningful Accessorizing

Seeing the changes that we have gone through centuries over to this day, we've landed ourselves in a time where the jewelry we choose to adorn ourselves with is far superior and more stimulating to our thought than previously. Collectively, as a human race, we went from donning art for the sake of art to aligning our values and hobbies to that of our appearance, choices, clothing, and accessorizing. We use jewelry as a mode of expression and experimentation.

Today, we choose to wear gold circle earrings for their versatility, minimalism, and elegance. A simple hoop earring as such is perfect for an everyday look. At the same time, we also choose to adorn ourselves with crescent moon necklaces that align with our inherent energy and signify us to be moon-like - pure, light, and ethereal at the same time. They also align with our spiritual journey and keep us feeling sedated to fairy-like beauty. The same is the case with other necklaces, such as the mandala necklace in gold or the moon pendant necklace, both of which have been selling like hotcakes since their introductory days.

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