Different Types of Beaded Jewelry Design

Jewelry is the most lovable thing. Ladies are wearing unique jewelry since ages. Each era comes with different sorts of accessories.

Looking back into time, shells and stones were the only raw material used for making accessories. Then, time changed and gold and silver jewelry took its place. But then something happened and gold became very costly. So, finally, the ball went into beaded jewelry court. It was beautiful yet economical. Now, if we look around, beaded jewelry is in highest demand.

Let me discuss some of the popular designs of beaded jewelry:

Design 1. Wrap Around Bracelet

Wraparound is the chic, boho, trendy and most feminine bracelet. It has very contrastive wrappings and bangles enhancing the look. This bracelet is wearable with almost every kind of attire.

Such things are never outdated.

Design 2. Beads With Crystals Neckpieces

This design is the most elegant and classy among all designs. The royal look it depicts is magical. It is best suited with gowns and long-tails.

Design 3. Beaded Seeds Necklaces

In beaded seeds, the beads are tied together with the help of thread and make different patterns. The final look is very mesmerizing. It is a compulsion in modern girls’ wardrobe. Wear it with baggy shirts and flaunt.

Design 4. Beaded Earrings

Beaded earrings are another exotic piece that does not even need any pairing of neckpieces. Wear this with gowns and shrugs of eastern or western style. The color combination will make you stand out in the crowd.

Design 5. Glass Beads Chains

The most lovable among all designs is the glass beaded. This looks very delicate and attractive. If it is worn with some gold plated chains or pendants, the output is magically beautiful. If you are still in doubt, try it yourself.

Design 6. Shimmery Beaded Bracelets

Girls’ taste is all about shimmer and glitter. Shiny things attract girls a lot. Shimmery beaded bracelets are the first choice of modern and fun loving girls.

The shimmery, edgy bracelets paired with identical pendants and rings will look exceptional. Give it a try!

Design 7. Colorful Beads Jewelry

Colorful beaded jewelry is the best part of summers. Just like shimmers, girls are incomplete with colors too. Colorful beads look very pretty and attractive. The first sight of such jewelry is aesthetically very pleasing.

Design 8. Beads with Pearls

The most important jewelry that you should have in your vanity is the beads and pearls jewelry. The combination of beads and pearls is killing. Wear it at parties. No guy can stop himself from complimenting you.

Design 9. Lucky Charm Beads Jewelry

I think lucky charm bracelets and pendants are the desire of everyone.

Buy these cool lucky bracelets and change your fate along with fashion.


Beaded jewelry is the best choice in terms of money and beauty. Wear it and flaunt it! If you want to have such masterpieces, check out Astrid Schumacher’s collection