Best Accessories To Catch The Ultimate Boho Girl Vibe

This summer is all about Boho-chic fashion. Hipster fashion is all about expressing your personal style. However, you can spice up your overall outlook by adding certain statement pieces to your jewelry box. You can take your styling game to the next level by mixing and matching these accessorizes.

There are several accessories that add that instant Boho girl vibe to your outlook. However, Boho earning and chic bangles are perfect for adding an edgy touch.

Boho Earrings And Bangles


Your face is the first thing that people see when they meet you. Stand out of the crowd and flaunt your personal style. Show off the bohemian side of your personality by rocking bohemian earrings. These earrings are perfect to make a great first impression.

Bohemian inspired earrings come in a variety of styles and designs. You can select the style that goes with your personal aesthetics. We have discussed some of these styles below:

· Gold And Silver Earrings

Gold and silver earrings are perfect for those who want to go for a classic look. Hoop earrings instantly add a chic vibe to any plain outfit. Gold and silver hoop earrings are perfect for family gatherings as well as a date night.

Gold and silver earrings also come in animal prints and nature influenced style. They can be worn for a day to day subtle look.

· Dangling Earrings

Glam up! Be festival ready with Boho chic dangling earrings. Get an artistic look with by pairing your outfit with asymmetrical earrings. Steal the spotlight as you get on the dance floor. Dangling earring comes in a variety of styles.

· Tassel And Fringe Earrings

Dangling tassels and fringes add extra length and style to any simple earrings. Sometimes feathers are used to adorn these earrings. They instantly add a festive touch to your overall look. These tassel, fringe and feather earring go perfectly with cotton summer dresses. You can pair them up with ear cuffs for an exceptionally edgy look.

Bling up! Wear colorful feather earrings for the ultimate festive look. Get a girly look with dangling pastel earrings. These earrings are perfect for spring and summer events


Bangles are the perfect accessory to add that chic bling to your personality. Boho bangles come in a variety of designs. From subtle to retro, choose the style that goes with your personal aesthetics.

· Layering Bracelets

The perfect way to catch the Boho chic vibe is to layer up different bracelets. You can style leather bracelets, chained bracelets with an amethyst stone and beaded bracelets together. Or you can keep it simple by layering thin ribbon bracelets for the ultimate arm candy.

· Chunky Bangles

You can pile up chunky bangles to add life to your plain outfit. You can even wear bangles and bracelets together to spice up your look.

· Sterling Silver Bangles

Sterling Silver bangles with amethyst stone give a delicate romantic vibe. You can wear silver sterling bangles with white lacey cotton dress and tunics.

So, if you are interested in getting boho accessories to get a stylish Boho Girl look, you should follow a famous designer named Astrid Schumacher.