Surprisingly Amazing Facts About Indian Culture-inspired Symbolic Pendants and Jewelry

Surprisingly Amazing Facts About Indian Culture-inspired Symbolic Pendants and Jewelry

When you look at India's culture, which dates back to a legacy of 5000 astonishing years, the relics and scriptures will remind you of the striking and rich ravishing culture and aesthetics that amazes the world even today.

The gold mandala necklaces and the gold circle earrings have references to rulers, historic feats, queens, legends and traditions. The holy scripture of Rig Veda first noted the central placement of the sun and other planets orbiting it in the solar system. So the references of the moon and the sun are also very prevalent in Hinduism inspired jewellery.

History of the Fascinating Necklaces:

The history of Indian Jewellery began 5000 years ago in the Indus valley. The jewellery found during the excavations spoke extreme sophistication, backed by intricate engineering skills. In the later Vedic age, when Buddhism attained acknowledgement, Buddhist symbols became significant in people's lives.

Gold Mandala Necklace:

The mandala in Sanskrit means circle, which represents various aspects of the universe. Earlier, the gold mandala necklaces were used as meditative instruments, but today people adorn themselves with the mandala necklaces as a style statement.

Belief: Belief says that when you enter the mandala and begin to proceed towards its centre, it will guide you through the cosmic process of transforming the universe's suffering into joy and happiness.

Buddha Charm Necklaces:

The Buddha charm necklaces represent the belief of Gautam Buddha, the teacher, philosopher and spiritual leader who is considered the founder of Buddhism. Wearing Buddha pendants can remind us of him and encourage us to be more patient and kind towards ourselves and other beings.

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Belief: The Buddha pendant is not only a religious symbol but also popular among people of different religions and non-believers since it is believed to attract luck, health, wealth, and happiness.

Moon Sun Necklace:

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth- Gautam Buddha. The earliest Vedas had spoken about astronomy much before scientific discoveries came into existence. During meditation, the sun and moon necklace is known to reflect balance, wisdom and growth. They are loved in many elegant styles and paired with the modern boho artistry.

Belief: The sun is known to represent masculinity which symbolizes growth, brightness, vitality, and positivity, while the moon represents femininity, new life, and knowledge.

Silver Cross Pendant:

In 52 AD, Christianity was introduced to India by Thomas the Apostle. It began in Kerala but soon spread across India. The silver cross pendant symbolizes love and sacrifice and represents the sacrifice of the Son of God, who bore all atrocities like a human and died to save all people. The silver cross symbols celebrate and worship the god or belief system, and even though it represents a horrific execution device, it became a widespread emblem of love and hope.

Belief: It is believed that the cross, even though it symbolizes death and pain, it also represents the hope of life. The religious believers say that it reminds one to encourage in the challenges of life. Therefore, your necklace can also inspire you to live your life with grace and faith.

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