How To Carry Boho Fashion Trends Elegantly

Boho is a term used for freedom. Boho fashion is ruling the world. It is the most classy and feminine trend. It carries inspiration from 19th-century hippies. Boho style includes:

· Flowing skirts.

· Tiered Dresses.

· Ethnic blouses.

· Tunics.

· Beaded Embellishments.

· Fringes.

· Laces.

· Tassels.

· Ankle boots.

History of Boho Fashion

Boho Fashion is an old art but it became more evident in 2000. Historically Boho fashion had great importance because of its unique freedom factor. Art lovers started to adopt bohemian fashion and then this trend got fire in 2005. Now, this look is combined with modern fashion trends.

Bohemian Fashion Rules the Modern World

Long boots were not given much importance before 2006. After 2006, ankle boots resonated widely in the fashion world. Embroidered jackets, brim hats, and sun-dresses- follow this trend in summer.

Characteristics of Bohemian Style

Characteristics of Bohemian style is characterized for:

· Layered Textures and floral prints.

· Platform wedges and high heels.

· Luxury fabrics like velvet, suede, denim, chiffon.

· Exotic accessories including pendants, rings, chains pearls, and jewels.

· Nude neon colors.

· High waist denim.

· Spiced tones like black and gray.

Categories of Boho Fashion

Bohemian style is divided into three main categories:

Category 1: This category includes velvet, chiffon, and knitwear paired with jacquard prints.

Category 2: This category typically includes the romantic, subtle collection. Ribbon, bows, laces and floral prints are admirable for this vintage category.

Category 3: This category includes very bright, vibrant colors giving a girly look as output.

There are some other basic styles besides these categories, such as:

· Military.

· Gypsy.

· Folk.

Knitted sweaters and tasseled handbags enhance the boho look too.

Boho Colors

The basic colors used in Boho fashion are:

· Pastels.

· Neutrals.

· Beiges.

· Grey.

Boho Garments

The Boho style wardrobe is always in demand. Style your dresses elegantly as long maxis paired with over-sized shirts or chambray tops.

Additionally, shorts, rompers, ripped denim, floral velvet pants, and furry coats can add more class to the Boho style garments.

Boho Footwear

Boho footwear is sleek just like Boho garments. All of the footwear is inspired by Greeks and Romans. This historical perspective is evident from ethnic shoes, knee boots cowboy shoes, and gladiator sandals.

Boho Look Is Incomplete Without Accessories

Look of a lady is incomplete without accessories. Boho Accessories include:

· Turbans.

· Headwraps.

· Vintage glasses.

· Arabic rings.

· Classy Pendants.

Pair the accessories with neutral or Smokey makeup.

Boho Fashion Has No Obligations Of Season

Boho fashion has no obligations of season. You can look chic in both summer and winter wear.

In summers, you can go for cotton or linen shirts with denim jeans. Big bags are recommended to enhance the look.

In winters, you can look majestic by wearing leggings, denim jeans, long skirts, and fur coats.

Give some volume to your look with Smokey eyes and nude lipsticks. And you are done!

Where We Can Carry Boho Style

You can choose Boho style anywhere you want such as at:

· Shopping.

· Parties.

· Gatherings.

· Clubs.

· Bars.

· Tours.

· Classy Weddings.

So, adopt boho fashion and be trendy! Don’t forget to follow Astrid Schumacher to get some inspiration about boho fashion.