Look Super Chic With Bohemian Style Jewelry

Bohemian fashion is all about the love of nature and individualism. It reflects the free-spirited style and freedom of expression. All these features make bohemian fashion different from the mainstream. Boho chic style is much more than loose-fitting cotton dresses, laced tops, and ethnic tunics. You can complete your ultimate Boho babe vibe with the right accessories. These accessories include scarves, bags, shoes as well as Boho statement pieces.

When it comes to bohemian jewelry, there are various options to choose from. We have discussed some of these styles below:

· Nature Influenced Pieces

When it comes to bohemian lifestyle, nature is the key theme. That’s what chic jewelry reflects. Bohemian style jewelry is often inspired by oceans, animals, plants, and feathers. Shell pendants and earrings are used to complete the Boho beach babe look. Ocean themed bracelets and chokers are among the hottest trends these days. Moreover, animal styled pendants and feather hangings are also in fashion.

· Fringes And Tassels

Personalize your Boho chic dress with fringes and tassels. Statement pieces with fringes and tassels add a chic touch to any casual outfit. Add extra length to your necklace by adding tassels and fringes to it. These can also be worn with gold and silver chains.

· Layering Necklaces

Mix and match jewelry items to express your individual style. Unleash your creativity by pairing different neck pieces together. Pair silver pendant chokers with different chains and necklaces. These layered necklaces are perfect for low neck tops. You can go for pairing different type of necklaces or stick with a theme. Layered necklaces make the perfect accessory for a plunge cut shift dress.

· Bohemian Style Rings

Spice up your plain outfit with nature-inspired rings. Mix and match gold and silver rings or go for retro colors. Express your true bohemian self with Boho chic jewelry.

· Accessorize Your Feet

Look chic from head to toe. Don’t forget to accessorize your ankles with bohemian style ankle and foot bracelets. Add toe rings for that extra chic factor and make a statement.

· Body Chains

Get that extra sass! Pair cropped tunic with delicate body chains. There are a variety of styles to choose from. Give off those ultimate Coachella vibes by mix thumping chunky body chains. Bohemian styled body chains are perfect to be worn with revealing clothes. Add more drama to the look by adding arm cuffs and look all chic.

· Chokers

Stay all basic by styling a simple wrap choker before heading to work. This simple statement piece let alone embodies the complete essence of the ultimate hipster look. Leather or suede chokers with ethnically influenced pendants are all that you need to unleash the hipster in you.

Apart from jewelry, there are several other ways to flaunt your individual Boho style. Braided hairstyles to barefoot sandals all can be worn to personify your individual style.

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