Fun Ways To Try Boho Style With Your BFF

Who doesn’t want to look stylish and attractive? Everyone does. You can pair with your BFF and try out amazing styles. Boho is the style of freedom and there is no better way to try out this fashion with your best friend.

Here are some ways to try Boho style with your bestie and amaze everyone.

1. Colors

To rock a Boho style with your friend, you can choose soft type fabric. The more comfortable the better it will look. The motive of this style is the feeling of being you. There is no need for choosing fancy clothes. The simpler the color and the stylish it will look.

2. Layering

The next thing you need to know while styling with your Boho friends is how to properly layer your items. You can layer different clothing items such as shirt, scarf and other items.

3. Pattern

Be daring and try out exciting designs and pattern with your best friend. There are so many patterns such as floral or animal prints. Experiment each pattern with your friend to look stylish. Also remember that when you are trying out different patterns, wear a rather simple item with it so that the overall look can become neutral.

4. Shoes

The next most important thing that needs to be a part of your style is a nice pair of shoes. Boots with a small heel and neutral color are a fine choice. You can pair it with skirts and skinny jeans. You and your best friend can wear these boots to a concert or any other exciting event.

5. Hair bands

While styling with your Boho Friends, don’t forget to beautify your outfit with hair bands and hippie style hair wraps. Flower crown is new in the market and is easily available online on famous websites like Amazon and Forever 21. Another type of hair bands includes turbans and bandanas. They come in colorful and exciting designs.

6. Flared denim pants

Do you remember your favorite 90s TV shows where girls rock the flared denim style? Now you can do that too. These high waist denim jeans give a very nice hippie vibe. The flared jeans can be worn with special kind of shoes such as gladiator sandals or boots with a short heel.

7. Sunglasses

In order to complete your Boho style, get yourself and your friend big sunglasses. They are not that popular but are an important part of this style. And when trying out the different item with your friend, don’t forget to get huge sunglasses. They will surely give a nice hippie look.

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